Ace of Cups

Ace of Cups

The Ace of Cups is a card of the heart. It exudes harmony, peace, tranquility, and the most powerful emotion of all, love. The Ace suggests that as we encounter life’s many emotional situations, we should always keep love as the highest goal. In this way, we will be guided to right action by the Divine.

Calla lilies represent purity, grace, hope, and love in action. As the representation of the Cup, the calla lily provides a resting place amidst the upheavals inherent in this emotional suit. Its spathe is the perfect shape for collecting water, holding the life force, and embracing love. Bleeding hearts depict our development and growth in the areas of compassion, peace, and acceptance. The Luna Moth is symbolic of psychic abilities, heightened sensory perceptions, and transformation. Moths are also creatures of the night and they are strongly attracted to light, which has led to the deeper meaning of the expression, Seeking the Light.




More elaborate descriptions of the cards can be found in the book and deck boxed set, available at


Nature Spirit Tarot - Encounters with Nature and the Journey of the Soul
Second Edition

The Nature Spirit Tarot took nine years to create: eight years of research, design and painting, and another year of production and self publishing. A great deal of research went into this project. Selecting just the right nature elements to express the meanings of these treasured cards was a project in itself. The tarot deck has a rich and extensive history, and continues to be a tool used and loved by many people.

Jean’s interest in the tarot originated with her journey of self exploration. The deck was designed as a tool for personal growth. The accompanying book, also written by Jean, reflects this character in its descriptions of the card.



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